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As a full-service dealership, Serra Traverse City is dedicated to delivering high-quality service to you at every step of the car ownership process. That means offering genuine OEM auto parts in Traverse City to our customers, whether they’re planning a DIY home auto project in Bellaire, need repairs in our service department, or want to improve their car with new accessories. Skip the car parts store and contact our parts department or order online to get the exact part you need. We want to be your Traverse auto parts source! 

The Benefits of Using OEM Auto Parts

There are plenty of reasons for Kalkaska drivers to skip the generic car parts store and visit Serra Traverse City instead. Our parts department keeps a large inventory of factory OEM auto parts in Traverse City for every make we carry at all times. We know how important it is to fit the vehicles we’re servicing with genuine manufacturer parts. In fact, using factory parts over aftermarket parts can be the difference between having a car that lasts for ten years or more and a car that dies out prematurely.

In some cases, using parts you purchase from an aftermarket car parts store can actually void your warranty. The certified technicians at Serra Traverse City can help you make sure you’re using the right part every time. This is a service that you won’t get when you buy auto parts in Traverse City anyplace but Serra.

Expert Automotive Guidance

While you can always turn to us for auto parts in Traverse City, we’re much more than your local, genuine car parts store. We know that many of our customers love the thrill of working on their own vehicles. To help you through your Lake City projects, we’re your source for Traverse City auto parts and expert information. Our parts tips and service tricks will help you learn about rotating your tires, oil changes, leather seat care, and more!

Better yet, you can browse our rotating parts coupons to save big on your next weekend job. We’re here to make car ownership and service convenient, straightforward, and affordable. Of course, if you get in a bit over your head, you can book an appointment with one of our service departments in Traverse City for expert care!

The Serra Traverse City Parts Department is Your Car Parts Store

Whether you’re considering maintenance, repairs, or accessorizing your vehicle, you can ensure you’re getting the right product at a fair price by purchasing your parts and accessories directly from our Serra Traverse City instead of at a car parts store. All you have to do is place your order online, and we’ll give you a call as soon as it’s ready for pick up. We look forward to being your Traverse auto parts source!

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