What are the Benefits of Electric Cars?

2020 Audi Q5 Electric charging

Here at Serra Traverse City, our team is proud to offer a wide range of exciting new vehicles across our Traverse City locations. As more and more automakers join the wave of environmentally friendly production, you might begin to wonder about the benefits of electric cars. Of course, there are plenty of environmental benefits of electric cars, but you can indulge in a number of other perks when you upgrade with an electric vehicle (EV). Read on with our expert team below to familiarize yourself with the benefits of electric vehicles!

Benefits of Electric Vehicles

Whether you’re still comparing hybrid vs. electric vehicles or you’re all set to make an EV upgrade, you may be surprised how well the benefits of electric cars fit into your Bellaire lifestyle. As more drivers opt to plugin rather than fill up at the gas station, the quality and abundance of EV options continue to rise. Other benefits of electric vehicles include:

  • Zero Emissions: The environmental benefits of electric cars are some of the most attractive for Kalkaska drivers. Since your vehicle doesn’t have an exhaust system, you won’t have to worry about tailpipe emissions. 
  • Renewable Energy: An exciting perk of opting for an EV is the opportunity to rely on renewable energy sources to charge your vehicle. Electric vehicles can be charged through solar, wind, and even aquatic energy sources.
  • Reduced Maintenance: Your EV won’t require engine oil, so you can leave those frequent service trips behind. 
  • Quieter Drive: EVs are notoriously quiet and smooth to drive. This will enable you to reduce your noise pollution and carbon emissions all in one!
  • Performance: Electric vehicles are a dream come true for performance enthusiasts. The near-instant torque provided by EVs will deliver the thrill your commute’s been missing.

What to Do Before Buying an EV

  1. Prepare Your Garage: While charging stations are popping up more and more regularly, they’re not quite universal just yet. With that in mind, you’ll want to equip your home with a charging option. You’ll have your choice between Level 1 (slower, but simple to use) and Level 2 (faster, but requires professional installation) charging options. 
  2. Find Local Charging Stations: In addition to adding a charger to your garage, finding local charging stations is a great way to charge up at a rapid pace. Companies like PlugShare and Chargeway can help you plot out the charging stations in your neck of the woods. 
  3. Explore Incentives: In most cases, you can secure tax credits and other incentives for simply buying an EV. 

Learn More About Electric Cars Today at Serra Traverse City!

Now that you’re up to date on the environmental benefits of electric cars and the other perks that you can expect when buying an EV, now’s the time to take a test drive. Serra Traverse City is proud to carry multiple brands that offer full-electric models, like the VW ID.4 and the Volvo XC40 Recharge. Shop at one of our local dealerships today, or continue your research on our site!


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