What is Good Mileage On A Used Car?

odometer displaying higher mileage on used car

While most Bellaire drivers start their used car shopping by checking the physical and mechanical condition of the car, they also tend to worry about getting good mileage for a used car. Many people would suggest that you steer clear of any car that has over 100,000 miles, but that’s not always necessary. With the improvements in automotive technology in the last decade many used cars can go far beyond 100,000 miles. So, what is good mileage on a used car? It depends on several factors. Consider them with Serra Traverse City.

Things to Consider In Addition to Good Mileage for a Used Car

You want to take a look at how a used car was driven and maintained in addition to the number of miles on the odometer. Before you purchase a used car based solely on mileage in Kalkaska, take a look at:

  • Usage – Not every car with 75,000 miles is the same. If it was driven in stop and go traffic it will likely wear out sooner than one that mostly has highway miles. Getting a driver’s history before you buy is a good idea.
  • Location – Vehicles that have been driven in a locale that has a dry, warm climate, undergo less stress than vehicles from areas that have a cold, wet climate. This isn’t great news for Lake City buyers, but never hesitate to ask where a car originated. You might be surprised.
  • Condition – When you buy a used car from Serra Traverse City you can rest assured that it was inspected by our service department and is in the best possible condition before it hits our lot.
  • Maintenance – Even a high-mileage used car that’s been well-maintained can be a great purchase. Make sure you get a maintenance report on your used car. If a car has an irregular service history, even if it has lower mileage, it might not be as dependable.

With all these factors in consideration, what is good mileage on a used car? There’s no perfect answer. It’s best to think in terms of how long you want the car to last you. The typical driver puts around 12,000 miles a year on a car. Even a car with 100,000 miles that’s been well-maintained is likely to last another four years, although it might have more repair costs than a lower-mileage car. A lower-mileage used car will have a higher price tag up front.

Shop the Used Car Selection at Serra Traverse City

No matter if you want a budget used car or a like-new certified pre-owned vehicle, you can find it at Serra Traverse City. Contact us if you’d like help in narrowing down your options. Curious about the different types of used cars? Compare used vs. CPO with us to find your fit!

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