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Summer Car Care Tips from Serra Traverse City

When the beautiful and warm Summer season rolls around in the Cherry Capital, it's time to get out there and enjoy it! Road trip adventures and other fun travels are calling your name, but is your car, truck, crossover, SUV up to the challenge? At Serra Traverse City, we want to help you prepare for the fun season and everything it has to offer with our Summer Car Care tips. Read below to see our advice and more information on the cooling system, fuel system, and exterior vehicle light maintenance. You'll also find tips on how and why to take care of sun protection and cosmetic repair, too. Explore our tips below and don't hesitate to reach out to our team with any questions!

Cooling System Maintenance for Engine Protection

The Summer heat isn't as sweltering in Northern Michigan as it is in other parts of the country, but it can still get pretty darn hot in Traverse City! Because of the heat, it's important to have your cooling system inspected and repaired if needed for the sake of your vehicle's health. The coolant in your vehicle helps regulate the temperature of your engine, and if it's low or leaking, your engine could overheat – meaning serious damage and a very costly repair. To avoid this issue make sure to have your coolant changed about every 24,000 miles and look out for leaks of bright colored liquids under your vehicle, a sweet smell coming through your air vents, an engine light on your dashboard, or a rising temperature gauge.

Stay Efficient with Fuel System Maintenance

Summer provides the greatest opportunities for road trips, and unfortunately, fluctuating gas prices. While this system doesn't need much maintenance service, there are a few tasks that'll help ensure you're getting the best bang for your buck at the pump. About every 30,000 miles it's recommended to have your fuel filter changed. The filter blocks any debris from getting in your engine, which will help you avoid unnecessary engine wear. Additionally, you can have your fuel system cleaned to rid of any clogs from varnish build-up and cylinder head deposits. Our experienced technicians would be happy to inspect your fuel system components and recommend services to keep your car running efficiently.

Exterior Vehicle Light Maintenance to Keep You Visible

This season calls for late nights and drives down country roads in the dark. Although your exterior lights are important for these occasions, they serve the purpose of safety all the time. Your lights will help other drivers be aware of your presence and placement on the road, and help you see the road when it's dark out. We recommend grabbing a buddy to do a quick light check. Have your friend stand outside the car as you turn on and off your main exterior lights including your headlights, taillights, brake lights, turn signal lights, and high beams. If you notice any are not functioning, or notice an unusually fast turn signal, you'll need to replace a bulb. These replacement services are typically quick and easy, so don't hesitate to stop by!

Cosmetic Repairs During the Summer Season

Your vehicle, whether it be new or old, is an investment. If you own your car and are planning on reselling it, taking preventative measures to protect your car's paint and interior materials is important. Life happens and there are damages we can't always prevent. If you have any rust spots, chips or cracks in your glass, paint damage, dents or dings on the body, etc., Summer is the best time to have them repaired. Why? You won't have to deal with the inconvenience of salt, snow, and ice! These factors can make it harder to have the repair done in the first place. By having repairs done in the Summer, your car will be protected from any further damage in the coming months. Whatever damage you need repaired, our full service collision center is able to help!

Sun Protection for the Hot Summer Sun

Even with the mild Summer heat in Traverse City, the sun's UV rays can have a damaging effect on many of your car's materials, inside and outside. There are a few basic ways you can protect your investment from this unstoppable force. Make sure to regularly wash your car to avoid a build up of debris and dirt, which can cause micro-sized scratches on your cars paint, then wax to seal and protect your car's exterior from UV rays and dirt. To protect the interior materials and help keep the inside of your car cool, you can use an inexpensive sunshade in the front and rear windshield! Alternatively, you can make a conscious effort to park in a garage, car port, or shady area to avoid the sun's rays.

Schedule Summer Maintenance Services in the Cherry Capital

We want to make sure you're able to safely enjoy Summer in the Cherry Capital with vehicle maintenance that'll keep your car running well through the season! You can schedule an appointment online or by calling (231) 947-9000 for our Cadillac/Subaru Campus at 1747 S Garfield Ave, Traverse City, MI 49686 or (231) 946-5540 for our Toyota/Audi/VW/Nissan/Volvo Campus at 1301 S Garfield Ave, Traverse City, MI 49686. We're happy to help our neighbors in Williamsburg, Elmwood, Acme, Grand Traverse, Old Mission, and beyond!