How Often Should You Rotate Your Tires?

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If you are a driver, you probably have wondered how often you should rotate your tires. While the basic rule of thumb is rotating them every 5,000 to 7,000 miles, you should check your owner’s manual for an exact number according to the make and model of your Bellaire ride. Now that you have a rough idea of when you should rotate your tires, learn more about why and how they should be rotated from the service gurus at Serra Traverse City.

Why Should You Rotate Tires?

First things first, let’s talk about why you should rotate your tires. Tire rotation is important because they extend the life of your tires that keep you moving on the Cadillac streets. When you keep up with rotating your tires when they need to be rotated, your driving experience will remain stable with: 

  • No unnecessary stress on the drivetrain
  • Increased traction on slippery roads
  • Reliable performance even during dangerous weather, especially winters, in %%di_state%%
  • Less noise on the road

While rotating your tires regularly allows you to use them for longer, they will still need to be replaced eventually. When it is time to do so, our tire center can help you find the right replacements. 

How To Rotate Tires on FWD and RWD Vehicles

Front-wheel (FWD) and rear-wheel-drive (RWD) distinguish where the power from the car’s engine is going. In an FWD vehicle, the engine sends power to the front tires while the engine in an RWD vehicle sends it to the rear tires. So why is this distinction important for tire rotations? Well, the set of tires receiving the majority of the power will wear faster than the other set. The next time you perform tire rotations yourself, keep this and the following tips in mind!

Tire Rotation on FWD Car

  • When moving the rear tires, switch sides. For example, the rear right tire will go on the front left. 
  • However, if you are moving the front tires to the back, keep them on the same side.

Tire Rotation on RWD Car

  • If you have an RWD vehicle, you will invert the process. 
  • When you move the front tires to the back, flip sides. 
  • However, if you are moving the rear tires forward, keep them on the same side.

Whether you have an FWD or RWD car, here are some tips to remember:

  • Wondering how many miles it is until you rotate the tires for your FWD or RWD car? A rough estimate would be every 5,000 to 7,500 miles, but for an exact number, take a look at your owner’s manual.
  • Your driving style will impact how often you need to rotate your car’s tires. For example, if you often drive off the roads, you will most likely need to rotate your tires in lesser miles. Consult with service technicians at Serra Traverse City to understand when you should rotate your tires according to how you drive on the Kalkaska roads. 

How To Rotate Tires on AWD Vehicles

Rotating tires on AWD vehicles is different from rotating tires on RWD or FWD vehicles. With AWD vehicles, the engine sends power to every wheel when AWD is activated, so you will need to rotate the tires in a particular way and more often than on RWD and FWD vehicles. For drivers who use AWD often on the Lake City streets, a good guideline would be rotating their tires every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. Take a look at how you should rotate the tires on your AWD vehicle yourself:

  1. The left rear goes to the right front spot.
  2. The right rear goes to the left front spot.
  3. The right front goes to the left rear spot.
  4. The left front goes to the right rear spot.

Drawing a diagram and color-coding each switch can simplify the process for you. If you want to be on the safe side, you can always schedule service at Serra Traverse City to let the experts rotate your tires properly. 

Learn More About Tire Care From Serra Traverse City

If you have more questions about tire care, feel free to reach out to us! Our experienced and knowledgeable technicians are happy to give you the best advice on your car. If your car needs other services, bring it to our Traverse City location and consider it done.

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