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Why You Should Buy a Certified Pre-Owned Vehicle at Serra of Traverse City

Are you in the market to purchase a car, crossover, SUV, truck, or van, but aren't sure where to start? At Serra Traverse City, customer service is our goal: we want to make sure our customers leave with a reliable and efficient vehicle that will run great long after it’s purchased. If you want a new vehicle, but don't have the budget for one, a Certified Pre-Owned vehicle is a great option! CPO vehicles provide owners with the same features as a new vehicle, but at a slightly discounted price.

In the process of becoming a CPO vehicle, each one must meet different requirements per the manufacturer or dealership. CPO vehicles must be relatively new, or typically less than 6 years old, and have 80,000 miles or under on the odometer. They must also undergo a vehicle history check and a complete vehicle inspection. Lastly, they're offered with some great benefits you won't get with a new, used, or as-is vehicle. Read about why you should buy a certified pre-owned vehicle at Serra of Traverse City below to learn more. Ready to start shopping? Get a free estimate on your trade-in by clicking below, then stop by our dealership near the Cherry Capital airport to shop our selection of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles.

Vehicle History Check

Every vehicle that goes through CPO inspections must have their history check. Serra Traverse City will complete a Vehicle History Report, which will reveal any issues with the vehicle's title or service past that might not meet the standards of a certification. This allows the dealership to reject vehicles that may cause you trouble in the future. We can also provide you with a copy of the Vehicle History Report so you can make a more informed buying decision based on the car's past.

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Complete Vehicle Inspection

In order for a vehicle to obtain a Certified Pre-Owned title, it must next pass a rigorous multi-point inspection. At Serra Traverse City, we only certify vehicles that meet the manufacturer's standards. Manufacturers typically require all critical components of a vehicle, like the transmission, powertrain, brakes, and fuel system, to work properly. Some other important components that may be inspected include brakes, fluids, filters, belts and hoses, the exhaust system, power steering, tires, and even exterior and interior cosmetics. If a vehicle isn’t up to standard, its components will be reconditioned or replaced; otherwise the vehicle simply won't become certified!

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Extended Warranties

While the vehicle history check and multi-point inspection ensure you're purchasing a safe and reliable vehicle, sometimes, life happens. Certified Pre-Owned vehicles often come equipped with a variety of extended manufacturer warranties that will protect a wide range of components. These warranties automatically come with CPO vehicles, as opposed to purchasing them yourself with used vehicles. If you are curious about a specific model’s warranties or components that are covered within a warranty, give us a call at our North Campus (231) 946-5540 or South Campus (231)-947-9000 and we’ll be happy to answer any questions you may have!

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Roadside Assistance & Other Perks

Certified Pre-Owned vehicles come with many benefits, sometimes including roadside assistance! Brands like Audi, Cadillac, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Volkswagen, and Volvo include this awesome perk in their CPO program. You’ll be able to call and receive assistance or towing at any time of the day, wherever you are in the United States, and sometimes Canada. Another great perk some manufacturers offer is trip interruption that covers unexpected costs and sometimes abandoned trips due to vehicle trouble! Each CPO has its own individual benefits based on the manufacturer's coverage. You can get a competitive interest rate at Serra of Traverse City and start shopping CPO benefits today.

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With a wide variety of Certified Pre-Owned vehicles to choose from, we’re confident that you’ll find exactly what you’re looking for! With strict inspection and extensive warranty coverage, CPO vehicles have everything a potential buyer could want in a vehicle and more. We make it our priority at Serra Traverse City to provide you with top-notch service to both you and your vehicle to help you find the vehicle of your dreams at an affordable rate. Stop by either of our campuses in the Cherry Capital for the best dealership experience of Northern Michigan! We at Serra Traverse City are proud to serve all of Grand Traverse County and the surrounding area!

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