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Get The Most Competitive Interest Rates on Auto Financing at Serra Traverse City

As an established automotive group serving the new and used car needs of customers all over, we have perfected the process of helping our customers get the most competitive rate possible on their auto financing. Our knowledgeable finance experts have developed strong standing relationships with banks, credit unions, and other institutions, making it easy to secure an auto loan to help you purchase your new or used vehicle. No matter your current credit situation, our finance team will work thoroughly to help you get the most competitive interest rate possible on auto financing. Serra Traverse City is even able to accomplish the difficult task of financing our most challenged credit customers with an auto loan that works with their budget.

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Factors That Affect Your Auto Loan Interest Rate

While we always aim to get you the best interest rate available on your auto financing, there are a few factors to keep in mind that will affect your auto loan interest rate:

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The vehicle you’re purchasing

Is the vehicle you’re purchasing New? Used? Certified Pre-Owned? Auto loan interest rates are based on vehicle age and mileage, with new cars typically having the lowest rates.

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The length of the term of the loan

In general, longer-term auto loans are associated with higher interest rates, however, this is not always the case. Loan options vary on nearly a daily basis, so our auto loan specialists are here to help navigate your auto financing options.

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Your credit rating

Loan applicants with better credit scores will receive lower interest rates. However, at Serra Traverse City we have exceptional relationships with lenders and can often improve our customers’ auto loan interest rate – no matter their credit score.