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7 Brands, 2 Locations, 1 Great Experience

4 Reasons You'll heart Serra Traverse City

When you visit Serra Traverse City located in Michigan’s Cherry Capital, not only will you enjoy our extensive inventory comprised of 7 different auto brands and pre-owned vehicles of all makes and models, but you’ll appreciate the genuine helpful nature of our team members. Your happiness is our #1 priority, so we want to make sure we’re here to assist you in any way we can. We mean it – let us help!

Smile from choices

Choices Choices Choices

With 7 different auto brands stocked at 2 local locations, we’ve got the car you’re looking for, or we’ll find it for you!

top value for your trade

Top Dollar For Your Trade

Take advantage of our trade-in program to get the best value for your current vehicle, and put it towards your next purchase!

friendly reliable service

Friendly, Reliable Service

Whether you’re looking to purchase a new vehicle or need auto service, you’ll receive 5-star service at Serra Traverse City every time!

pre owned headquarters

Pre-Owned Headquarters

With 7 different certified pre-owned brands, and used cars of all makes/models, Serra Traverse City is your pre-owned import headquarters!

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Auto Service Done Right the First Time

From Routine Maintenance to Comprehensive Service, You’re in Good Hands

  • Tires
  • Brakes
  • Battery
  • Oil Changes
  • Alternators
  • Alignment
  • Transmission
  • Cooling System
  • AC Service
  • Electrical
  • Exhaust System
  • Suspension

Serra Traverse City Has The Brands You Want!

Partial cadillac cc0570aaf7f41600b11d7e2ea11bcb28d4b763abcc95a8f7b35193291e993ca2
Serra logo afca2ff42e71ed79bea6ca8c6c79ebcb232768212cd694a20e61e1051c72235b
Cadillac 370fa2122a07229d66f910da58b1521b77d0fff4e180f4b3046ca927a0b48550

Serra Cadillac of Traverse City

When it comes to the ultimate luxury experience, look no further than Serra Cadillac of Traverse City. Designed for both the young and young at heart, the Cadillac lineup is built to appeal to all drivers. Come see what we mean – visit our Cadillac Dealership located at the Serra South Campus at 1747 S Garfield Ave, Traverse City, MI 49686 or give us a call at 866-253-9698 to learn more about which Cadillac model may be the best fit for you

Cadillac Inventory Schedule Service
Partial subaru 183840f829e77c83f0920caac80b490edc3d116ae0959aeaebaee48c8b0278c4
Serra logo afca2ff42e71ed79bea6ca8c6c79ebcb232768212cd694a20e61e1051c72235b
Subaru f5a09fb255d1014a775df7d1b753b29b4ab3bac12276497d246bc6e5f44a148f

Serra Subaru of Traverse City

A Cherry Capital favorite – If you’re looking for a vehicle built for the various Michigan seasons, a Subaru is the answer, especially in Traverse City. Built to last and with your lifestyle in mind, the Subaru lineup is tried and true. Visit our Serra Subaru Dealership to learn more about which model will fit your adventure needs. Our Subaru Dealership is located at our South Campus at 1747 S Garfield Ave, Traverse City, MI 49686, or give us a call at 866-253-9698.

Subaru Inventory Schedule Service
Partial toyota ff4086c0d0cc6eb4b54f89c278353003973413e591a4b336425d8c778fac89ec
Serra logo afca2ff42e71ed79bea6ca8c6c79ebcb232768212cd694a20e61e1051c72235b
Toyota 43d43484dbc9cbbfbff764e36bf4ca6c26a0bf45a7bb8bed082c9b68a2a9b8d4

Serra Toyota of Traverse City

If you’re looking for a reliable vehicle at an affordable price, the Toyota brand is another great lineup to consider. At Serra of Traverse City Toyota Dealership, you’ll find a complete lineup of Toyota cars, minivans, trucks, crossovers, SUVs, and hybrids, all priced competitively. Let us help you find your next new or used Toyota by calling 866-249-1772 or by visiting the Serra Toyota Dealership at our North Campus at 1301 S Garfield Ave, Traverse City, MI 49686.

Toyota Inventory Schedule Service
Partial audi 993eb0206b4a484bc27c29e21c9ea1dfc89ce2d6fde0760d265656c6c07e5239
Serra logo afca2ff42e71ed79bea6ca8c6c79ebcb232768212cd694a20e61e1051c72235b
Audi c489f22484bf9e2d73d5abcf6d76f0906d3204ebe16e809a4e6d293acf6f96b6

Serra Audi of Traverse City

If you’re looking for a brand new or certified pre-owned Audi, Serra Traverse City is your destination for finding the Audi sedan, coupe, convertible, SUV, crossover, or wagon of your dreams. If you’re ready to get behind the wheel of a new vehicle that’s sure to turn heads, give us a call at 866-249-1772 or visit our Audi dealership at the Serra North Campus at 1301 S Garfield Ave, Traverse City, MI 49686.

Audi Inventory Schedule Service
Partial vw 61ab69812608c90b1a58c4ba75b222bd5e55e7c18dbb2f14545d8dd36ce40191
Serra logo afca2ff42e71ed79bea6ca8c6c79ebcb232768212cd694a20e61e1051c72235b
Vw 9e5bd18c248058b45e1ca7cf74310918191c1c70bfc29d6d4d01f39e10b9da0b

Serra Volkswagen of Traverse City

If you’re looking for a new or used vehicle that is just as safe as it is stylish, then stop by the Serra Traverse City Volkswagen Dealership located at our North Campus at 1301 S Garfield Ave, Traverse City, MI 49686. With cars and SUVs that fit varying levels of style and sport, a VW may be just what you’re looking for. Give our VW Dealership a call to learn more about all that the Volkswagen lineup has to offer at 866-249-1772.

VW Inventory Schedule Service
Partial nissan 7d3aa63328802d50a3c20b5618fe9c306d2ff0f081a935cd1214e5f9cc1f5031
Serra logo afca2ff42e71ed79bea6ca8c6c79ebcb232768212cd694a20e61e1051c72235b
Nissan bdaf9b76460e55ddb770615165c021075668e8539f70a19a820c803fbe52cee5

Serra Nissan of Traverse City

One of America’s most exciting lineups can be found right here in the Cherry Capital at Serra Nissan of Traverse City. Whether it’s a car, sports car, crossover, SUV, minivan, or truck that you’re looking for, the Nissan lineup at Serra Traverse City has a vehicle for your budget and needs. Get started by giving us a call at 866-249-1772 or by visiting our Nissan Dealership at our North Campus at 1301 S Garfield Ave, Traverse City, MI 49686.

Nissan Inventory Schedule Service
Partial volvo 3413e53ca5d0dec8f60348552f0593d6c37941dd5bb1a5de8c913dca5444a298
Serra logo afca2ff42e71ed79bea6ca8c6c79ebcb232768212cd694a20e61e1051c72235b
Volvo 9234584d42f1d57dd103c02d81c59a668e690c0b21d56f1c29cdea0eaa908707

Serra Volvo of Traverse City

Also located at the Serra Traverse City North Campus is our Volvo Dealership, at which you’ll find the latest Volvo vehicles that are equipped to handle the Cherry Capital’s ever-changing weather conditions throughout the year. From the brand’s cross country wagons to the plug-in hybrid, you’ll find your Volvo to be extremely versatile. Explore the complete lineup at our Serra Traverse City Volvo Dealership located at our North Campus at 1301 S Garfield Ave, Traverse City, MI 49686, or give us a call at 866-249-1772.

Volvo Inventory Schedule Service
Partial pre owned 54bdacd2ee8c2ff8bc9d96b11ea820de74e424fd76291be1c396e72509f21623
Pre owned 005075786e4aff5f2f57c6eebab83ef76ec18dba003e2edce7100104dc099142

Used Cars For Sale at Serra Traverse City

Not only does Serra of Traverse City serve the new vehicle needs of the Cherry Capital, but we also are your go-to destination for the greatest selection of used and certified pre-owned vehicles of all makes and models. With new pre-owned models arriving daily, we can help you find the exact vehicle you’re looking for from our vast used vehicle inventory located right here in Traverse City, MI.

Pre-Owned Inventory Schedule Service
Partial serra certified 0945ec7df9e268b029a3aee1ab67de839e1294052dd91540dc608bcdcf437524
Serra certified e019a1828d39b078fb5c4b92aa2dfcbd560bf0ff599a1e276e80956ec4084986

Certified Pre-owned Vehicles For Sale at Serra Traverse City

At the Serra Traverse City Used Car Dealership, located across the street from our North Campus, you’ll find the Cherry Capital area’s most extensive used vehicle inventory. With OEM Certified Pre-Owned Vehicles for 7 different auto brands including Audi, Cadillac, Subaru, Toyota, VW, Nissan, and Volvo, we’re your pre-owned import headquarters!

Certified Inventory Schedule Service

Serra Traverse City Cadillac, Subaru, Toyota, Audi,
VW, Nissan, Volvo Car Dealership

The Serra Automotive Group of Traverse City located along S. Garfield Ave. in Traverse City, MI is your destination for your next new or used car, truck, SUV, crossover, or van. With seven different auto brands including Cadillac, Subaru, Toyota, Audi, VW, Nissan, and Volvo, and a vast inventory of pre-owned vehicles, our team of friendly auto professionals can help you find your next vehicle. With such a wide selection of vehicles to choose from, Serra of Traverse City is your destination for your entire vehicle needs in the Cherry Capital area. Not only can we help you find a new or used vehicle, but our experienced Service Team is qualified to take care of any of your auto service needs from routine maintenance to transmission service, and every auto service in between. Feel free to explore our extensive inventory online, or schedule an appointment for any of your vehicle needs – we’re here to help! You can also stop by or give us a call at 866-253-9698 for our Cadillac/Subaru Campus at 1747 S Garfield Ave, Traverse City, MI 49686 or 866-249-1772 for our Toyota/Audi/VW/Nissan/Volvo Campus at 1301 S Garfield Ave, Traverse City, MI 49686.